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Relationships - Deepening Intimacy (for Couples)  Israel
Relationships - Deepening Intimacy (for Couples)  Israel

ven 24 mar


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Relationships - Deepening Intimacy (for Couples) Israel

This retreat is about re-kindling the inner flame. Where we again can see our partner through new and fresh eyes. With Eyes of lovingness, friendliness, acceptance, playfulness, relaxation and joy.

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24 mar 2023, 10:00 – 25 mar 2023, 18:30

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This Retreat is a synthesis between Western Jungian Depth Psychology and Eastern Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.

Both have emphasised the importance of polarity between the male and female aspects both in the outer life (with others) and on the inner plane; what Jung calls Anima and Animus, which is what tantra calls the inner opposite sex/gender.

This retreat is about re-kindling the inner flame. Where we again can see our partner through new and fresh eyes. With Eyes of lovingness, friendliness, acceptance, playfulness, relaxation and joy.

In our intimate relationships we are challenged to keep the flame of vitality, intimacy and love alive.

It is human and natural to get into a habits around work, survival, various daily life activities and much more.

In the group / retreat you’ll find back the inner spark in yourself and the spark between the two of you.

Learn to look at each with the eyes when you first met.

Value qualities that both of you contribute to your relationship.

This retreat is about valuing this intimacy. Vulnerability is a doorway towards our essence. We often are afraid to open up to our vulnerability.

In stead, you’ll experience how vulnerability brings you closer to each other. We will give you tools that will support you in your daily life to keep on nourishing this space.

A relationship is like a garden In stead of taking it for granted, we need to continue nourishing this mutual garden.

The Retreat uses an energetic approach, not a psychological approach. We are not looking a problem solving.

Tantra is about going under the layer of the personality. It doesn’t focus on the story. It teaches us to become sensitive to the delicate energy-flow that always is there within us. When we connect with

the inner flow, we by-pass the continuous stories we tell about ourselves and our partner. We learn to meet with our partner from an energetical approach in stead of from our personality.

We will be using dance, movement, meditations that helps to become more sensitive to this inner flow and more sensitive to our partner.

From the Tibetan Buddhist Tantra we will be using meditations - so-called “circulations”.

The circulations enhance the flow of energy with ourselves and with our partner. They enhance the intimacy. They Create more balance in the relationship. More balance between the inner

male (animus) and inner female (anima) within ourselves.

In Sexuality; the circulations support us in coming back to ourselves in stead being focused on the other. They help us tocome back to ourselves during lovemaking.

To many couples this becomes a revelation:  That we during love-making can be with ourselves and simultaneously be, connected with our partner.

Our differences as man and woman ofter creates conflicts because we don’t understand the other and we don’t feel understood and seen by the other. The Meditative Approach from Tantra gives us eyes to “see and understand” the other.

In the retreat we will experience and recognise that what we see in other as something in us. From here we can meet the other from a quality of wholeness within ourselves.

Sharing and exchange is an important part in deepening our relationships and building intimacy.

We will be bringing focus on how to support this part in the relationship …

When we start having more intimacy, the heart opens more, there comes relaxation.

We start caring more about each other. From here we start valuing each other and have more mutual understanding, where we see the essential in each other, in stead of seeing each other as enemies

(which often happens when we don’t feel seeing, understood etc. )

We will be using soft movement, dance, the breath to feel and charge ourselves, connect with our partner. 

Lots of playfulness.

A comment that couples after give after our retreats is:

“We realise that we have stopped playing.” We want to come back to that again.

In our retreats there is not nudity and all explorations only happens with ones own partner.

There is no sex in the group room. To us Love Making is a very intimate and personal thing.

We are looking forward to welcome you to this Love-Journey.

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